Thursday, May 1, 2008


I have always loved's seriously the best food (or as Alton Brown says, Good Eats!) that one can find in this world. And it seems like most cultures all have their own versions of sandwiches too. Actually, sandwiches are indeed the perfect meal - one part carbs (the good kind, of course), one part protein, one part veggie, and one part dairy...this will definitely cause an explosion in the pants.

2 slices whole wheat/grain (the kind where you actually SEE the grains inside) bread
1/2 grilled chicken breast
1 tablespoon goat cheese
1 tablespoon Olive Tapenade
2-3 roasted bell peppers strips, 1-2" wide each (any color, I used red and yellow)
Handful of fresh basil leaves

Utensils: two butter knives

Prep work: none

Assembly Instructions:
Toast your bread until it is golden brown - depending on your toasting device, this can take from 3-10 minutes (in my toaster oven it took 10 minutes). While the bread is toasting, slice the half chicken breast into two thinner halves (meaning cut the chicken as you would a layer cake). Once the bread has toasted, spread one side with the goat cheese, and the other side with the olive tapenade. Lay the peppers on the goat cheese-side, then the chicken on top of the peppers. Arrange the basils leaves on top of the chicken, so that the leaves lay flat. Top off with the other slice of bread, and serve with your favorite side items.